A New Necklace

I started working on my crafts again, yayy! The sad fact is that I know nobody around here and there are absolutely no craft fairs I am aware of, so I may just be working in vain, haha.

Anyway, it feels relaxing to craft, so here goes: my new necklace and later I will post a pair of Swarowski earrings I like.

The Rain, Rain, Go Away Necklace

Made of clay, painted with acrylics and varnished (two coats of gloss varnish on each side), this item cannot be reproduced. It also has small precious marbles to give it a bit more elegance. The tree and umbrella are small embellishments I have bought from a local shop.

It can either be a choker or a necklace that hangs lower on your chest, as it has an extra chain that gives it length at the back. For best impact wear a large cleveage, simple blouse.

It measures 40 cms without the small adjustable chain. The chain measures 12.50 cms, so the whole necklace can measure anything between 40 cms to 52.50 cms.

My inspiration was the weather out here. Horrible! Well, I can’t actually really complain, as this autumn was waaay better than summer. At least we had more sunny days. Oh, well.


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