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Handmade swap – The royal kitty


This summer I signed up for Revista Atelierul‘s handmade swap. I was paired up with Corina (who sadly doesn’t have a website 😦 ) and created a handmade cat necklace for her as well as a matching card.

I used white air-dry clay which I have manually moulded and painted and, to make it slightly more lady-like than my usual creations, I have added a dark silver finding and three blue marbles for that slightly ‘royal’ touch. I thought this necklace didn’t need any more fuss, so I’ve placed it on a wired base that sits nicely at the base of the neck.


And this is the card:


Corina sent the best clip-ons for flats ever – they’re just my favourite shade of green, a delicate shell set, a reaaally yummy chocolate and has folded her letter in a boat shape. Love them all!

For Christmas I’ve signed up for the new swap. Yaaay! 🙂

RO: Vara asta m-am inscris la swap-ul organizat de Revista Atelierul. Colega mea de swap a fost Corina (care din pacate nu are site 😦 ). I-am facut un colier pisicesc, din lut uscare la aer pe care l-am modelat si pictat manual. Ca sa para un pic mai delicat decat creatiile mele normale, i-am adaugat un element argintiu inchis si cateva margele albastre. Am considerat ca e destul de impopotonat, asa ca l-am montat pe o baza de colier simpla, argintie, care se aseaza la baza gatului.

I-am facut si o felicitare ‘asortata’.

Corina mi-a trimis cele mai grozave clipsuri pentru balerini (in culoarea mea preferata, verde crud), un set delicat cu scoici, o ciocolata suuuuper si a impaturit scrisoarea in forma de barcuta.

De Craciun, m-am inscris la o noua editie de swap. Yay! 🙂

The unfriendly princess


I think drawing unfriendly characters is sort of my thing. Whenever I say I should draw something nice, my hands never listen.

So here’s a princess that doesn’t want to socialize. I’ve got the feeling that this is me sometimes.

She came to life a week ago when I decided I should probably try and tame my portable aqua brush. I had no patience to paint this all, so I only managed to watercolour the skin – the rest is in promarkers.

Hmmm, creating weird royalty seems to be something I enjoy lately, you’ll see more of these in here.

And I had a stupid little play with this as well:



Cred că o să mă specializez în desenat personaje nesuferite. De fiecare dată când mă apuc să mâzgalesc ceva frumos, tot o acritură iese.

Așadar ete: prințesa care nu vrea să socializeze. Nu știu de ce, dar am impresia că asta seamănă cu mine uneori.

A venit pe lume săptămâna trecută când mi-am zis că trebuie să îi dau de cap pensulei portabile. N-am avut răbdare să pictez totul, așa că restul a fost desenat cu promarkere.

Cred că am început să desenez prea multe capete încoronate în ultima vreme, îmi place asta, așa că veți vedea destule pe blog de acum încolo.

Summer vibe


This lovely weather inspired me! I finally got the change to go out in the park and play this weekend and came back recharged and ready to work. And this necklace was the result.


blog-summer-feeling-necklace-7 blog-summer-feeling-necklace-9

The necklace reminds me of those perfect days when all you have to do is lay in the sun on the beach, under the clearest sky there is, with your frappe in your hand and your Kindle in the other.

What do you think of this one? You like? 🙂

Technical specifications

Quirky doll pendant that was manually sculpted and painted. Made of air-dry moulding clay and set on a vintage copper chain, it is varnished for extra protection. The necklace contains vintage findings and blue marbles.

The necklace is unique and cannot be reproduced, but I can create other similar models on request.

Length without pendant: 30 cm/ 12 inches
Pendant size: 3.5 cm/ 1.5 inch

The length of the chain can be adjusted to fit you.

Available on Etsy

Fairytale necklaces – a photoshoot

Russian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll Necklace
Russian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll NecklaceRussian Doll NecklaceTea Lady NecklaceTea Lady Necklace
Tea Lady NecklaceTea Lady NecklaceTea Lady NecklaceTea Lady NecklaceTea Lady NecklaceLady of Summer Necklace
Lady of Summer NecklaceLady of Summer NecklaceCloud NecklaceCloud NecklaceCloud NecklaceCloud Necklace

Fairytale necklaces, a set on Flickr.

Hi everyone!
Hope everybody’s been enjoying the short holiday. We’ve had some lovely weather, so this calls for more photos!
Here are more photos of the new fairytale necklace collection.
Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Revista Atelierul – Spring swap


In April, I decided to participate in one of the famous handmade swaps that Revista Atelierul holds every season.

I was paired with a lovely lady that I was really happy to meet and created a cheerful, but lady-like necklace for her. I kept it rather simple and hope she liked it – the collage she’s made (see above)  is absolutely gorgeous and she did a better job than I would have made 🙂

This is one of my ‘new wave’ necklaces. I’ve made it with white air drying clay and handpainted it with acrylics, while protecting it with a few coats of glossy varnish. The orange and yellow marbles are made of wood. It is a unique piece of jewellery and really wish it made my new friend’s day.

Unfortunately, my photos did not do her items justice, but I love them so much!


The vintage pillow has little lace ribbons and it is two-sided, while the lingerie sachet has already found a place in my wardrobe.

Have you ever participated in a swap? If you did, how did you find it and did it meet your expectations?

You can see all the items that were sent during this swap here.

The faces of spring

Inspiration and I haven’t been the greatest friends in the past. But she paid me a visit and left some gifts. All available in my Etsy shop. More to come.








Dear beloved,

We have gathered here to pay a tribute to Tea.

Yeah, tea.

The Long, Vintage Tea Necklace 

The I Love Tea Necklace

This one is a bit more girly. Hence the silverish chain and the little heart. Not for tomboys 🙂

The Brooch and the Ring

Two simple items that go well together:

The brooch.

Check their availability

And, of course, should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Easy as that.


The tree collection

I wanted to do a collection  that represents all seasons. I wanted all the accessories in the collection to have one item in common, so I decided to emboss a tree on each of them.

So far, there are 4 rings and one necklace, but I will soon add more.

Take a peek:

The Vintage Autumn Tree

I also made a necklace to match.

The Vintage Autumn Tree Necklace

The Hot Summer Tree Ring

The Green Happy Spring Tree Ring

The Metallic Winter Tree Ring

These are all made of clay, handpainted and gloss varnished.

Check their availability

Time for Rings! Today: the Tea For Two Ring

This ring completes my Tea for Two Collection. It looks like a bubble and it’s pink, girly and fun!

For the fancy cup of tea at 5 o’clock, you must wear something to match the occasion! This ring is non pretentious and goes well with your pink cardigan, your mohair sweater or even your leather jacket. Sure, you can wear it with a fancy dress, too, but let’s keep it for more casual times, shall we?

Made of clay, painted with acrylics and varnished (two coats of gloss varnish), this item is ENTIRELY handmade and unique.

Diameter of the marble: 2 cms
The ring is adjustable. Its actual diameter is of 1.8 cms.

PS: Tomorrow I’ll be posting something about this little collection I finished yesterday:

Cheers! :d

The Swarovski Peacock Earrings

I listed these yesterday but I really wanted to show these to you.

There is not a lot of handwork involved in here, yet I managed to pull off the most elegant stuff I’ve ever made.